Tuesday, 14 December 2021

My Best of 2021

 From "The Wasted Years" (Version 1 on Exposure). (Version 2 on Wix.com).  On YouTube

From "Nyangath" ( Gallery on Exposure) & (The Sisters on YouTube)

 From "East Meets West" (Gallery on Exposure)

From my forthcoming photo book "Washington Square Park". Gallery.

The "Joker". From the on-the-fly portraits in Washington Square Park

And lastly, I am extremely proud to have my photograph of Chinatown's Pell Street as a 6 ft poster in the windows of The Museum of Chinese In America for its Resisting Tides of Racism exhibit. 

The Roar Of The Lions' Dance | Chinatown

I was pleasantly surprised to hear frenetic drumbeats yesterday during my Chinatown walk. It's the telltale sound of a celebration, and ...