Sunday, 30 October 2022

Pre-Halloween & El Dia Del Muertos | 5 Minutes

The weather was just perfect and Washington Square Park beckoned...and quite a number of people responded by donning costumes for either pre-Halloween fun or for El Dia Del Muertos. Most were yawn inducing, with only a few really interesting and imaginative.

I encountered J and A near the arch, and they happily agreed to spare 5 minutes so I could photograph them against -of course- the spouting central fountain. I mistook A's costume as being that of an angel, and was told that it was that of God. Meanwhile, J's costume was that of a skeleton, even though the facial makeup was more Avatar (the movie).

The Roar Of The Lions' Dance | Chinatown

I was pleasantly surprised to hear frenetic drumbeats yesterday during my Chinatown walk. It's the telltale sound of a celebration, and ...