Wednesday, 24 August 2022

A Chance Encounter With Ephrata

I was scouting new locations in the streets of Soho for an upcoming photo session, when I chanced on Ephrata having a coffee at one of the trendy places that make Soho a magnet for a smattering of beautiful humans.

Putting my best foot forwards, I asked for the chance of photographing her right there, she agreed. In between taking her photographs, we exchanged Instagram profiles, and it turned out she's originally Ethiopian. Naturally, I shared that I traveled to her country of origin; Addis Ababa, Omo Valley and Lalibela; the latter being her family's town...proving once again it's indeed a small world.

Ephrata is a successful NYC model with thousands of Instagram followers.

The Roar Of The Lions' Dance | Chinatown

I was pleasantly surprised to hear frenetic drumbeats yesterday during my Chinatown walk. It's the telltale sound of a celebration, and ...