Saturday, 21 May 2022

Galiya | Chinatown

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I met with Galiya on the eastern fringes of Manhattan's Chinatown for a couple of hours of photography. Although I am very familiar with Chinatown's streets, I had not ventured that far eastward (perhaps technically it's the Lower East Side "bleeding" into Chinatown)  towards the East River before. 

Chinatown has broken its traditional boundaries east, and a number of residents of the area are now Fujianese, but this area's buildings still retain the tenement "flavor"...and the LES type of graffiti mixes with Chinese signs.


And here's my favorite frame of the whole day 👇, edited with a ON1 Preset to simulate one of the most popular Japanese style of color grading.

Larger photographs are also on my Exposure website.

And Japanese color-graded photographs are on my Wix website. 

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