Saturday, 14 May 2022

Libin & Bianca @ NYU

Bianca (on the left) has been featured on my blog a few times already, and with the advent of summer-like weather in NYC, she and friends have frequented Washington Square Park doing what young people do in the "center of the universe", as I like to call it.

This time though, she encouraged her friend Libin to join her on a quick photo session on La Guardia Place posing against NYU's black steel doors. While I photographed both of them individually, it's the first time that I pose and photograph two subjects together. They were natural, and hammed it up a little....moving from bored to smiling poses.

We were done in about 15 minutes. I used the Fuji GFX50R and the 50mm Fujinon lens.

And here's another one using my favorite ON1 preset:

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