Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Revisiting "The E.K. Session" And Pushing The Envelope

On a recent summer day, I met EK in Washington Square Park and arranged with her to pose for me a few days later in a small nearby outdoor space.

In contrast to the fashion photo films I like producing, it was a brief photo session with no rigid structure to it. Notwithstanding, we both enjoyed the experience and EK was a delight to work with.

I chose to re-process some of the results using one of my cinematic LUTs (Look Up Table) which are presets within my post processing software to convert and change color values, saturation, contrast, luminance and hue of these photographs. This time, I chose a combination that would accentuate and pop up the richness of EK's dark skin tones. I pushed the envelope in terms of saturation and contrast, but I am singularly pleased of the results. 

I added a slideshow with the original non-LUT photographs at the end of this post.

The Phoenix | Washington Square Park

He and his group of friends were sitting on one of the stone benches in Washington Square Park, but the sunlight was too I waited...