Friday, 27 August 2021

Fiddling LUTs With "Seven"

I came across "Seven" in Washington Square Park the other day... a blistering torrid heat wave was passing though New York City, but she seemed to remain very cool and composed under her black frilly umbrella.

I asked if she would wait in the park until I brought my cameras...she gracefully acquiesced, and in a figurative blink of an eye, I was back with the Fuji X-Pro2/18mm and the GFX50R/50mm. I thought I had seen before on University Place, off the Park...perhaps 3 months ago, and complimented her on how she pretty she looked. 

As "Seven" was expecting a friend, I had to work very quickly and the photo session took no longer than 10-12 minutes. I used an array of actions while post processing -including LUTs- as the sun was out in full force, resulting in portions of the images being over exposed. 

The Phoenix | Washington Square Park

He and his group of friends were sitting on one of the stone benches in Washington Square Park, but the sunlight was too I waited...