Monday, 19 May 2014

Wanderings In NYC | Monochromatic Hipstamatic

Photo © Tewfic El-Sawy-All Rights Reserved
I think it was photographer Chase Jarvis who said "the best camera is the one you have with you...", and he was exactly right.

I happen to love street photography and walking...and living in a city such as New York City gives me so much opportunities to indulge in these two occupations that they've become become a virtual addiction. I rarely take a cab or the subway...and provided the weather is reasonable (and sometimes, even if it's unreasonable), I prefer to walk wherever I need to be (or not to be) no matter the distance.

I'm lucky to live in a neighborhood of lower Manhattan that is still relatively multilayered, and that provides innumerable and diverse opportunities for street photography; where I can photograph moneyed tourists shopping on Bleecker Street and moments later, capturing regular New Yorkers carrying on with their daily grind near West 4th Street....or go further to Chinatown and the Bowery.

I frequently carry my Fuji X Pro-1 or Leica M9 with me...these are the days when I decide I will "do" street photography for a few hours...and that's all I do for that time. There are other days when I don't carry any cameras with me, save my iPhone...but, provided I have the time and inclination, I still hunt for street photography opportunities with the same intensity as I do when I have the "real" cameras.

It's liberating to be using an iPhone to make photographs. The simplicity, the portability and the ease of making photographs on the go with the device are just wonderfully conducive to the kind of street photography I am interested in. At this point of time, as far as the iPhone is concerned, I'm addicted to the Hipstamatic app, and use its Watts lens and the monochrome BlacKeys B+W film. I might do a tiny amount of post processing on the resultant images, but the combination is quite adequate for my taste.

Since I need a place to offload these iPhone images, I created a new blog gallery, titled Monochromatic Hipstamatic with a growing number of street photographs made during my wanderings in New York City.

I also continue to "feed" my older blog gallery The Leica File (New York City with a Leica M9, and a Fuji X Pro-1) with my ongoing street photographs of the city that never sleeps...or relaxes.