Saturday, 17 May 2014

Photito Travel | Travel Photography

Photo © Photito Travel-All Rights Reserved
I'm not sure where I stumbled on Photito Travel's website...probably on Zite.

It's a veritable cornucopia of travel photography from a wide range of destinations...close to about 20 or so, including Sri Lanka, Egypt, Morocco, India, Norway, Israel and name but a few.

I chose to feature Photito Travel's Vietnam in this post, principally because of this lovely woman's portrait, and because I shall soon be leading another photo expedition to North Vietnam.

But don't restrict your viewing just of the Vietnam gallery...but knock yourselves out this weekend with an virtual endless galleries of wonderful large sized (for the most part) images of these 20+ destinations. It'll prepare you for whatever your international travel plans are...and whet your appetite for more.

The people behind Photito Travel are Spencer and Vibeke, a husband and wife team of travel photographers. They've been doing this type of travel photography-reportage for over 11 years. They author an interesting blog named Photito Travel Blog, which was included in 2010 by Lonely Planet in its Blogsherpa Program; a collection of travel blogs dedicated to wanderlust.

I shall peruse the various galleries this week end, and I recommend you do the same. You won't regret it...especially if it's raining!