Monday 15 January 2024

A Tale of Two Worlds - AI-Generated Imagery vs A Photograph

I thought of using the concept of a recent photo shoot (Kat & The Harlequin) to generate a MidJourney image using these prompts:

[editorial fashion photography, elevated angle, beautiful Hispanic woman holding a red and white Venetian mask, wearing a Goth outfit, standing in a dark NYC alley, serene yet haunting. --ar 128:85 --style raw --stylize 20 --v 6]

In so doing, I reversed the order I sometimes use by generating AI images initially for some ideas for forthcoming photo shoots. 

Then, to go full bore artificial intelligence, I asked ChatGPT to generate a blog post based on that idea. Here it is with some edits of my own:

"The convergence of traditional photography and artificial intelligence has given rise to intriguing possibilities. This blog post delves into the comparison between an AI-generated image based on a photo shoot featuring Kat, as a dark-haired beauty holding a Harlequin Carnaval mask in a New York City alley, and attempting to capture the essence of this scene.

The actual photo shoot was in Cortland Alley, during which Kat was the muse, holding a Harlequin Carnaval mask. The grit of the alley was the backdrop, creating a sort of visual discordance between it and the sophistication of the mask.

Solely using my text prompts, the AI-generated image did replicate the style of the photograph using its algorithms. Though the resulting AI image may show technical proficiency, it obviously lacks the human connection I experienced with Kat whilst photographing her, and the raw authenticity of a real moment.

During the photo shoot, my experience, my "eye", intuition, and ability to interpret the scene, as well as Kat's presence, contributed to the result. The AI-generated image could not really capture the intangible aspects that made the real photograph resonate."

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