Monday, 3 October 2022

The Square Portrait Format

Tangentially to last week's photo session, I wanted to produce simple square format portraits of Nimika posing against a plain dark background. I chose a location with a dark door as background, and asked Nimika to pose facing the late afternoon sun providing just the right amount of soft illumination. For these portraits, I used the Fuji GFX50R fitted with the Fujinon 63mm 2.8....which I consider to be superlative for portraiture.

For the post-processing, I used one of ON1 Photo Raw 2022's Color Film Presets which supposedly produces a Fuji Velvia simulation, added vignetting to darken the background further, and lightly retouched and brightened Nimika's face.

To top off the processed photos, I added a border from the dozen styles available, and chose the one named Ansel..which I suspect emulated the notched Hasselblad negative.

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