Saturday, 28 May 2022

Bao Bleu

A just published article in the T Magazine of The New York Times caught my eye and while it's a sort of advertisement for an exquisitely elegant dim sum Chinese restaurant in Paris, the video -which I found on its website- reminded me of Wong Kar Wai's famous In The Mood For Love and my own The Wasted Years (which was photographed in a Chinese restaurant in NYC's West Village).

From the article: "...The bao and dim sum restaurant nods to traditional Chinese teahouses and incorporates bold materials and colors, particularly the blue and white of traditional porcelain. The ground floor features velvet banquettes and an oversize reproduction of a Ming painting offset by neon yellow trim, while the upper level has more of a boudoir feel. Armchairs and daybeds replace tables and chairs, and Maison Martin Morel floral wallpaper inspired by Wong Kar-wai’s film “In the Mood for Love” sets a romantic scene for throwing back char siu bao, Dongpo pork and ginger milk pudding.

In comparison, here's The Wasted Years:

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