Sunday, 23 January 2022

The Streets of SoHo (16:9 Aspect) | Work In Progress

With the advent of the cruel winter months in NYC, many of my favorite outdoors photography opportunities -whether street fashion or otherwise- are somewhat limited, but I'm currently building an inventory of photographs made in specific photogenic corners of the city.

I am starting with the SoHo district (From Wikipedia:"Almost all of SoHo is included in the SoHo–Cast Iron Historic District which consists of 26 blocks and approximately 500 buildings) with its high-end boutiques, graffiti-covered walls and cobblestone streets.

The aspect ratio of these photographs is 16:9 which gives them an elongated look resembling (but not quite) panoramic views. I choose this aspect ratio in-camera using the Fuji X-Pro2 and the X-Pro3.  

I hope these photographs will eventually make their way into a book.

More can be viewed here.

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