Saturday, 25 September 2021

Hooked On LUTs #2

I wrote this in an earlier blog post; "I am introduced -albeit very briefly- to a variety of different backgrounds, different physiognomies, different styles and different ethnicities...which are part and parcel of New York City's character and uniqueness."

And my impromptu images of 'Majesty Sings' make the case perfectly. He was being photographed and filmed with an iPhone by his friend, and was adopting various poses by the Washington Square Park fountain...always a magnet for posed photographs. 
Having asked his Instagram handle to send him these images, it turned out he's a singer with a large following, and many songs on YouTube. And as I say above, I wouldn't have known of him had we not been in Washington Square Park at the same time. 

The photographs are made with a Fuji GFX50R and the 63mm 2.8 lens. The post-process was with ON1 and my 'Nymph" LUT.

The Phoenix | Washington Square Park

He and his group of friends were sitting on one of the stone benches in Washington Square Park, but the sunlight was too I waited...