Saturday, 11 September 2021

All It Takes Is One Frame

I have spent many late afternoons in Washington Square Park which -after the "reopening" of New York City in early June- has become a magnet for an enormous variety of colorful individuals and in so doing, has become irresistible to every type of photographer drawn by this eclectic mix...whether interested or specializing in street, candid or posed photography.

Just yesterday, I stumbled on a photo session set up by a photographer who was using a view camera to photograph these two very photogenic individuals. She had inherited the view camera from her grandfather, and had enlisted help from these two young vendors.

I asked permission to photograph them as well...and on being given the "sure!", I used my GFX50R/50mm to grab a handful myself.

With the impracticality of international travel, I'm finding this type of photography very burnishes my somewhat rusty people's skills, and introduces me to a wide range of individuals who I may never have had the occasion of meeting otherwise. 

The following day, I came across a vendor of jewelry (seated next to a vendor of weed edibles) who caught my eye with her red ethnic dress, tribal head dress and a tie dyed cloth. Presumably, I -lugging two cameras- caught her eye as well, and she stood on the stone benches and started an impromptu dance. No music, just slow dance moves while waving her cloth around. I obliged by photographing her with both cameras.

This photograph was made with the GFX50R and a 63mm 2.8 lens.

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