Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Unique, The Skateboarder

Having noticed Unique David Starson in Washington Square Park, I approached him with my iPhone, on which there was one of my earlier photographs of a skateboarder, and asked whether he'd be interested in posing against a tree a few feet away. He was amenable to the idea, grabbed his board and posed. A skateboarder and an aspiring model, he told me he often dropped by the park with his friends.

I added these photographs to my NYC Photography website.

I used ON1 Photo Raw 2020 to replace the tree trunk that I had him stand against with a black opaque black background, and try to duplicate the setting of an indoor studio.  

Whenever and wherever I traveled, it has always been my regret not to have a lightweight backdrop support system (such as this one) coupled with a black muslin backdrop (such as this one) to quickly set up and photograph whoever I came across. It could also be very useful in Washington Square Park with the many interesting individuals that seem to congregate there.

My Work: The Wasted Years

Here's my latest photo-film (aka audio slideshow) featuring Lise Liu as the unnamed woman waiting for her lover in a Chinese restaurant...