Tuesday, 23 June 2020

The Plywood Art of SoHo

I headed to SoHo a few Sundays ago to photograph the artwork on some of the plywood boards erected to protect SoHo's luxury stores and boutiques on Broome and Greene streets. Some of those were completed while others were still work-in-progress.

The plywood boards first went up across SoHo in March, as Covid19 prompted storefronts to close, and after the protests over the death of George Floyd more plywood boards were placed to protect (or repair) windows from damage. American ingenuity quickly kicked in, and artists of all stripes (some from the neighborhood itself) descended on SoHo's cobblestoned streets to beautify the bland plywood boards with fanciful art, slogans, poetry and graffiti.

My second visit was on June 22 when New York City's Phase 2 was starting, which meant there was a good chance that many of the plywood boards would come down.

Readers of this blog can either follow these links or scroll down for the photographs on this blog. And I just added an audio slideshow:

Part I: SoHo's Street Art is here (in full resolution).
Part II: The Plywood Art of SoHo is here (in full resolution)

Part I (June 7, 2020):

Part II (June 22, 2020):