Thursday 26 December 2013

The 5 Most Read Posts On The Travel Photographer Blog During 2013

1. Jimmy Nelson | Before They Pass Away

Photo © Jimmy Nelson-All Tights Reserved

British photographer Jimmy Nelson carried his 4x5 plate field camera to 44 countries around the globe; from the rain forests of Papua New Guinea to northern Mongolia to the Namibian desert, to document a tribal cultures that may disappear before we know it.

This post received the most unique hits during 2013, and has raised an interesting debate on my Facebook page between those who support such projects, those against it because it commercializes the tribal cultures, and those who see the positive and the negative in it.

2. In Focus: 2013 Sony World Photo Awards

© Gali Tibbon, Israel, 2013 Sony World Photography Awards
The second highest readership volume was for the post on the 2013 Sony World Photo AwardsSomewhat surprisingly, because I would've expected that In Focus and the Sony World Photo websites were popular enough.

I predicted that the above photograph by Gali Tibbon would win in its category, and I was right.

This year's contest attracted more than 122,000 entries from 170 countries. The photographs were judged in six different competition categories, including Professional, Open, and Student Focus. Winners are scheduled to be announced in March and April.

3. Daniel Maissan | Streets of India

Photo © Daniel Maissan-All Rights Reserved
The third highest number of unique hits were recorded for the lovely work of Daniel Maissan using a Leica Monochrom whilst photographing across the length and breadth of India. He tells us that he was tempted to use his M9 to capture the powerful colors of the country and its streets, but when he did, he ended up converting the photographs to black & white with Silver Efex Pro.

He photographed the streets of Old Delhi and also included photographs made in Varanasi and Amritsar which are mostly in monochrome. His imagery is wonderful, but the one I really found fantastic is of the woman in a white sari (possibly a widow) on the banks of the Ganges.

Photo © João Almeida -All Rights Reserved
Close behind is the post featuring the work of João Almeida, a photographer from Lisbon, who traveled to Myanmar and returned with lovely images of this wonderful country.

João's work is broader than pure travel photography, and is considered as street, documentary, landscape and nature, depending on what the location offers. The number of readers who logged on to view this post and these images must've been strongly influenced to travel to Mynamar this year.

Photo © Javier Arcenillas. All Rights Reserved
The fifth most read post featured Javier Arcenillas' winning image in the 1000 for 1′s first International Photography Competition. The photography contest was completely India-centric, and asked for the best photographs that truly represented the spirit of India.

Javier's wonderful photograph of a young girl in a small village called Noapara near Kolkata...once again, a monochromal photograph! He is a freelance photographer, and member of Gea Photowords. He is a psychologist at the Complutense University of Madrid.


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