Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Zsolt Repasy | The Fulani People

Photo © Zsolt Repasy-All Rights Reserved

Here's some facts I never knew...the Fulani are the largest migratory ethnic group in the world. They are an African ethnic group numbering more than 30 million, and are spread over many countries; predominantly found in West Africa and northern parts of Central Africa, and also in the Sudan. The extent of the territory in which the Fulani inhabit larger than the United states and Western Europe. 

Traditionally nomadic, pastoralist trading people, the Fulani herd cattle, goats and sheep across the vast dry lands of their territory. They follow a code of behavior known as pulaaku; a codifying patience, self control, discipline, prudence, modesty, respect for others (including foes), wisdom, forethought, personal responsibility, hospitality, courage, and hard work.

Zsolt Respasy's Fulbe Wuro gallery is the result of his being on assignment in Nigeria to photograph the Hungarian embassy in Abuja, and taking the opportunity to travel a bit farther than the capital.

Zsolt Repasy is a freelance photographer from Budapest, Hungary concentrating on cultural, social and humanitarian work. His action sports and travel images were featured by National Geographic, Corbis Images and Camerapixo magazine, including reportages from Transylvania, Dublin and Sarajevo, Bosnia. He is a member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists) and photographs for Zuma Press, Corbis Images, NurPhoto and UNHCR Central Europe.