Monday, 5 January 2009

PBS: The Story of India

Image © Callum Bulmer-All Rights Reserved

Yesterday's New York Times' reports that “The Story of India”, a six-hour, three-night mini-series will begin Monday on most PBS stations.

The series is from the British historian Michael Wood, whose projects have included “Art of the Western World” and “Conquistadors.” I met Michael Wood in 2001 while photographing the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabd. I presume that some of the footage he produced there will make its way in the series.

The article promises a documentary with lush photography, fascinating facts, and sense of discovery. Just in time to whet my appetite for my forthcoming Theyyam of Malabar photo-expedition!

I'm surprised that there are no credits for the photographs which appear on the PBS website.

Correction: Ethan Goldstine (Producer at kapow, inc) emailed me pointing out that there is a photo credit on the film credits page, and the correction has now been made.