Monday, 5 January 2009

Bhutan Photo Expedition: Candid Shot

Photo © Alicia Conde-All Rights Reserved

I recently received an email from Alicia Conde, who's a photographer from Belgium I met on various occasions during our stops in Bhutan last October, and she kindly attached this photograph made in the Chorten Memorial in the capital city of Thimpu.

It shows (right to left) Ugyen, one of the photo-expeditions two fixer-guides wearing the traditional gho, Gavin Gough (with the hat and his back to us), Ralph Childs aiming his camera carefully at the spinning prayer wheel, and I at the left.

Unfortunately, Alicia's mail server keeps spitting my thank you email back at me. As she tells me that she reads The Travel Photographer blog (and let's be honest...who doesn't?), this post will let her know that I'm trying to thank her.