Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Nick Cobbing: Tibet

Image © Nick Cobbing-All Rights Reserved

Nick Cobbing is a photojournalist based in the UK, whose work focuses on the landscape, people’s relationship to it and to each other. His continuing association with Greenpeace International has had him sailing the seas and oceans, as part of a team that has become the keen eye of this global organization.

Cobbing’s work has been exhibited widely over the years. Amongst regular editorial users of his work are Time Magazine, Newsweek, Fortune, Figaro, all the UK press and several European daily Newspapers. He has also worked with many NGOs including WWF Worldwide, Actionaid, Christian Aid and UK Government agencies.

For TTP, I chose Cobbing's work in Tibet. His story "The Tibetans" show how China's policies of sinofication has impacted its culture and way of life. Exploiting Tibet's resources for its industrialization is a strategic and economic priority for China's government, which usually puts down manifestations of Tibetan identity with blunt force. I think that the above photograph speaks volumes as to the commercialization of Lhasa's Potala Square.

I haven't been to Tibet, but over the years I've seen how Tibetan culture and traditions are thriving in Dharamasala...may it continue to do so.

Nick Cobbing's The Tibetans