Friday 15 March 2024

"Pyramid Fumes" Portraits

On a beautiful Thursday in Spring, Washington Square Park was packed with people enjoying the sun and the warmth. The whole scene was reminiscent of the days of 2022, when the park was full of all sorts of people; tourists (domestic and foreign), buskers of all kinds, vendors of thrift clothes and art, misfits of all kinds, and of course...the weed entrepreneurs and those who peddled the musch stronger stuff. 

I noticed Pyramid Fumes (a nom de plume she uses for Instagram) holding court near the central fountain, her blonde curls catching the sun rays. Naturally, she was surrounded by a couple of photographers, all vying for the best angle with which to capture her magnetism. I joined them, and managed to make the above portraits of her with my Fuji GFX50R.

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