Saturday 30 March 2024

JASMIN | The Red Boots

Whenever the weather improves in New York City, Washington Square Park reverts to being the "center of the universe", as if the sun and its warmth inject life again in its arteries. I had photographed ('snapped' really) Jasmin a few weeks before when she wa dancing -along with others- to the drum beats of Allan, who commandeers a spot at the center south entrance to the park. 

When I saw her again a few days ago, she was getting ready to sing and dance later in the evening, so I showed her the photographs and asked whether she'd pose for me with her back to the now-empty fountain where the skaters practiced their moves.


THE AI CORNER | The Four Colors

It's blistering hot in NYC these days, so I've rejigged a MidJourney prompt to generate four "portraits" of women swelteri...