Saturday 20 May 2023

Aki | Ginza Corridor

Photographing Aki at, and also under, the Ginza Corridor tunnel in Tokyo was a new experience for me, as it was only the second time I photograph urban fashion in Japan. The tunnel and its surroundings provided a perfect backdrop for her persona and her choice of dress. The grubby tunnel walls, coupled with the yellow lighting from street lamps and the surrounding buildings, gave a different "look" to my images...than say, those I make in SoHo. It was fortunate I stumbled on the Ginza Corridor tunnel and at the last minute, changed Asakusa for it.

Known as the Ginza Corridor, this street runs alongside the Yamanote Line and has a variety of restaurants and bars that are essentially under the railway tracks.

When photographing Aki in the tunnel, I found it essential to pay attention to light. The tunnel's uneven lighting was difficult, and its low light was some of the resulting photographs reflect the unevenness.

The Ginza Corridor tunnel will provide an opportunity to create a narrative from Aki's photographs. The tunnel is a vibrant space with plenty of small eateries and izakayas, making it a useful location for storytelling photography.

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