Tuesday, 12 October 2021

The Pink (And Orange) Hair


There are two spots in New York City that - for me- go a longish way in soothing the itch caused by the impracticality of travel during this godforsaken Covid era...and these are Chinatown and Washington Square Park.

I made that very point to a photographer recently as to how the Park's multi-hued multi-culture ecosystem injected a welcome - but hopefully temporary- alternative to travel...and that meeting/interacting with different cultures, races, personalities, interests and ages in this local setting further expanded my personal horizons.

I saw Bianca and asked her if she would pose for me with the fountain as backdrop...she graciously agreed, and the above photographs are some of the result. I used my own LUT preset (Nymph) in ON1 image editor, which converted her hair from pink to orange...and used the GFX50R/50mm.

Naturally, Bianca got her copies via Instagram.

A few days later, we arranged to meet for another photo session on La Guardia street near New York University. Here are some of the resulting photographs. I used the Fuji GFX50S/45mm lens, and the post process was with ON1's Nymph LUT preset.

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