Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Five Minutes Portrait Session With NL


I'm not certain of the exact dates for the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) which is held this month, but I do know it's usually held in various venues the West Village.

But why do I mention the NYFW? Here's the reason: As I was scouting Washington Square Park for candid "street" photographs, I noticed NL sitting with a friend on a bench. I quickly processed that she was wearing an evening dress and had the poise and the looks of a fashion model...but wasn't quite sure.

I asked if she was agreeable to my making a few quick portraits of her, and on her saying yes accompanied by a wide smile, I cranked up my GFX50R/63mm and started work.

Exchanging Instagram information to send her the photos and connect, I realized she was indeed a professional model, then noticed her NYFW wrist band as well. Later on, I also found out from her Instagram bio that she was South Sudanese and studying in NYU. 

I decided to use ON1 and one of my own preset LUTs to edit her photographs to achieve the right type of tone. 

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