Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Passion For Travel Photography | Shanghai Talk

I've been hard at work for a number of days, pulling images from my voluminous archives; choosing some; rejecting others; changing my mind and reversing my choices...in what is a circular -and one could say almost agonizing- activity which will only subside when I'm completely comfortable with my choices.

The objective is to present no less than 100 of my photographs to an audience of passionate photographers in Shanghai, who are to attend my photo talk at one of the premier photographic venues in this jaw-dropping megalopolis.

Through these photographs, the photo talk will take the audience on a journey that starts in 2000-2001 and continues to the present day, interspersed with my thoughts on travel (and other styles) photography, as well as storytelling; thoughts that some may found controversial, provocative and debatable...such as this one:

My photo talk in Shanghai is to be hosted by the Imaging Group's IG Photography Art Gallery, a large building that includes IG Studio and the Shanghai Museum of Antique Cameras, founded by Mr Chen Haiwen; a master photographer as well as a the recipient of the highest photography award in China twice in a row and Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Photography Association. 

I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to share my "travel photography meets photojournalism" style of photography with Chinese photographers. My attendance of Shanghai PhotoFairs (at Mr Chen's invitation) in September 2017 was an incredible eye-opener, and I was mulling my involvement in Shanghai's photography scene in some fashion ever since.

To be continued at some later stage.