Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Victoria Knobloch | Charm of China

Photo © Victoria Knobloch | All Rights Reserved
I can make no apologies for the recent spate of China or Chinese related posts. As this blog's readers know, I'm currently neck-deep in a new long term project revolving around the traditional Chinese opera (and its various styles) amongst the Chinese diaspora in South East Asia and elsewhere.

So here's the work of Victoria Knobloch which she has titled China Charm. Many of her monochromatic images are of simple portraits, with some more complex environmental portraits (including the cormorant fishermen of the Li River), along with some landscapes. 

Aside from her portraits, I was mostly attracted to her work depicting men in traditional Chinese interiors (presumably rural tea houses) and walking cobblestoned old villages.

She has also a number of other galleries worth stopping by; those of Tibet, Tibetans in exile and Kham stand out and reaffirm Ms. Knobloch's fascination in Tibetan Buddhism. 

Victoria Knobloch is a German photographer who concentrates on black and white portraits and documentary work. Aside from her particular interest in Tibet, she's interested in vanishing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture. 
Her work include photographs of Iceland, Uganda, of the Kumbh Mela in India and its sadhus, as well as the ancient city of Fez in Morocco. She has has her work exhibited international in many venues and countries, and is widely published. Her biography also tells us that she's also a classical singer.