Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Travel Photographer Is 10 Years Old !

The first blog post

 Shakespeare wrote “...the swiftest hours, observed as they flew...” 
And indeed, the ten years since I started this blog have flown swiftly, and many milestones have been reached during that decade.

Over 3400 posts. Almost 4,000,000 unique views. Over 900 travel photographers were written about; some multiple times. Over 2000 followers. Over 400 posts on India, and over 130 posts on Vietnam. More than 200 Point Of Views...some acerbic, some rants, some wide-off-the-mark, some spot-on. Personal opinions on cameras and lenses (my own tools) that I use and take on my travels. According to statistics, its readership is worldwide, and stretches from the United States to Japan. I frequently receive complimentary and thank you emails (or social media comments) from readers and from featured photographers.

I started the blog whilst in London in January 2007; on a whim and named it The Travel Photographer because it's what I consider myself to be. It was a worthwhile and judicious branding move, since I used the 'brand' for other websites, and for social media.

The blog is not commercial. I have purposefully kept it so, steadfastly and frequently refusing offers for adverts, payment for ads disguised as posts and becoming a camera store affiliate. The blog reflects my personality...and no one can buy into it. I do not allow comments, since I consider it my personal soapbox, not a forum for debate. There are other venues for the latter.

It is far from being a technical blog. I just write about what I like and dislike on my own terms, and about what satisfies my eclectic impulses. Whether it is about travel, documentary or even fashion photography, I try to add some cultural, historical and newsy element to the blog posts...and provide some intellectual value to readers.

 So thank you for reading The Travel Photographer blog, and I look forward to the next decade.