Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Travel Photographer's Street Photography Contest | Extension

I announced The Travel Photographer's Street Photography Contest mid June, and I'm extending the deadline for submissions from August 31 to the week following September 30, 2014.

Two reasons for the extension: the number of submissions hasn't reached my expectations to make the contest really competitive, and I'll be traveling to Viet Nam by September 2 and I won't have the time to properly curate the submissions.

The street photography contest is open to any professional, student, or amateur photographer at least eighteen (18) years of age. The contest is restricted to residents of the contiguous United States.*

The contest's main theme is daily life in any city, town or village (anywhere in the world), captured through street photography: real, instant images, that grab moments, people, faces, streets, buildings and other elements capable of telling stories.

The sole prize is the handcrafted WotanCraft Ryker Urban Classic 001 which I reviewed earlier here. It's an ideal camera bag for street photography, it's low-profile and is made of very high quality leather.

The requirements and rules are simple:

1. Entrants can submit up to three (3) photographs, color or monochrome.

2. Each photograph must be a jpg 1000x667 pixels at 72 dpi.

3. Each photograph must include your name and a sequential number if submitting more than one (ie JohnDoe_001.jpg, etc.)

4. Each photograph must indicate where it was made (New York City, San Francisco, London, Delhi, Tokyo, etc). 4. Entrants warrant that their submissions are all their original work.

5. The contest is closed for submissions on September 30, 2014.

6. Entrants are to send their submissions to: tes(at) The email must also include entrants' full name.

7. There are no fees, or any costs to the entrants. This contest is essentially a competitive giveaway, and has received the blessing of WotanCraft Atelier.

Judging: I shall be judging the submissions, and will announce the three top best photographs. These three photographs will be posted on this blog, and public voting will be opened to choose the prize winner. This will now occur during the week following September 30, 2014 deadline.

* Regrettably, shipping to destinations other than in the contiguous United States is not only costly, but also involves an amount of paperwork, as well as potential hefty custom duties to be paid by the eventual recipient, especially with such an expensive camera bag. That is the reason for restricting the contest as I did. My apologies to the multitude of very talented non US-based photographers who may have been interested in entering the contest.

WotanCraft Atelier's website has full information and details on the WotanCraft Ryker Urban Classic 001.