Saturday, 22 February 2014

John Quintero | Monochromes

Photo © John Quintero - All Rights Reserved
Rather than feature a specific photo gallery or photo story of a culture or area, this post is about the lovely monochrome portraits by John Quintero.

As my readers probably know by now, I'm soon to lead The Sacred Cities Photo Expedition-Workshop to Varanasi and Vrindavan, where I hope some of my own personal photography will be in black and white. On the workshop's schedule are photo shoots documenting the ancient tradition of Indian wrestling, known as kushti, in various gyms (akaharas) that are sprinkled in the old city of Varanasi.

The monochrome portraits by Mr Quintero weren't only of traditional wrestlers, but of Ethiopian tribes people in the Omo Valley, of Ethiopian Tigray people, of Ladakhis, of Cambodians, of Chinese Opera performers, of Burmese, of Lao Akha women and many more.

Incidentally, the photograph of the wrestlers above is a Finalist entry in the Sony World Photography Awards 2014 in the Professional Sports category.

John Quintero is a freelance photographer based in London, specializing in portraiture and travel photography. Apart from assignments, he also spends part of his time traveling the world documenting remote and unique cultures and their traditional ways of life.

His work has been published in national and international newspapers and magazines including The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, National Geographic Travel UK, Photo Pro Magazine and Digital Camera Magazine. His work has also featured on a TV commercial in the UK and in several books in a number of languages. He is also a contributor to Getty for editorial and creative images, and has won numerous awards for his work.