Saturday, 1 February 2014

Don McCullin Speaks

I haven't posted much recently on photojournalism or about photojournalists, principally because I haven't come across anything that really motivated me to feature on this blog. 

That is, until I viewed this interview of the legendary photographer Don Mc Cullin. The interview was created by photographer David Sims for the Dunhill ‘Voices’ campaign, which focuses on persons who exemplify “elegance and achievement.”

Elegance and achievement...precisely.

I'm not the type of person who worships golden calves...nor do I have heroes (by the way, a term horribly misused by the American media), but Mr McCullin is an individual I respect a lot....especially after viewing this short interview.

Enormous respect for his candor, his simplicity and lack of hypocrisy.

If only there were more like him...but there are none.