Saturday, 11 January 2014

Suan Lin | Open Heart

Photo © Suan Lin-All Rights Reserved
One of the most enjoyable assignments I've come up so far is to document the tango halls in Buenos Aires whilst taking part in the July 2011 Foundry Photojournalism Workshop.

As some of my readers perhaps recall, I resolved to be more active on Google+ in of the rewards I got from this increased activity is to connect with Suan Lin, a New York City resident who describes herself as a "ceramic artist who caught a bug called photography".

So what do these two have to do with each other? Well, as you'll see from Suan's Open Heart photo gallery, she also discovered the magnetic musicality and dance movements of the tango in Salon Canning while visiting Buenos Aires...and photographed (mostly monochromes) the milongas and the characters who have a passion for this ageless music/dance.

A keen observer of people, Suan's Open Heart gallery has, in my view, two standouts: that of the elegant elderly man sadly sitting at a table with three empty chairs (#23)...presumably that of companions who've gone dancing or who haven't yet arrived....while dancers on the floor whirl about...and the other (#16) is of a matron fanning herself, anticipating (hoping?) someone to ask her for a dance.

Suan's website is titled Chasing Pavements, and for good reason. Her forte and interest is in exactly that...visually chasing pavements, a term implying street photography. One of her galleries (also titled Chasing Pavements) is of scenes of New York City...also monochromal, and which "high heels on cobblestones" (#17) is made in my neck of the woods.

Apart from these, she also features Kathmandu and Myanmar's Lake Inle galleries.

An interesting photographer....and someone to follow.