Thursday, 12 September 2013

Heidi Laughton | Spirit Hawk Eye

Photo © Heidi Laughton-All Rights Reserved

Just a few days after returning to New York from Los Angeles, I got an email from Heidi Laughton announcing the opening of her "Spirit Hawk Eye" exhibition at the Talisman Los Angeles! I had originally met Heidi a few years ago in London where we attended a travel photography show in Earl's Court.

So it's with pleasure that I feature Heidi's Ways of the World photographic galleries, which include images from her “Spirit Hawk Eye: A Tribute to American Native Culture” photographs. These celebrate American Indian culture andreveal aspects of present-day cultural practices and lifestyles, remarkable individual stories and colorful, spiritual and artistic elements of Native American communities.

For this particular series of photographs, Heidi embedded herself within the Native American culture, and photographed a "mix of modern and traditional regalia, with the traditional regalia not necessarily being a true representation of the wearer’s tribe, but often an amalgamation of different tribal influences as is often the case today".

Originally from London, Heidi is now a Los Angeles-based fine art, portrait photographer who always had a fascination for world cultures and has worked on projects that took her as far as Kenya and China.

The photographs now exhibited at the Talisman Gallery were made usingmedium and large format film and are available as archival pigment prints on fine art paper. Alongside each portrait, a text panel further explains facets of Native life and anecdotal information relating to the portrait.

I missed it by a few days, but my readers who are in Los Angeles can view the exhibition at Talisman Fine Art Gallery, Bergamot Arts Center, Unit A6, 2535 Michigan Avenue in Santa Monica.