Sunday, 21 April 2013

Travel Photographer of The Year 2013

It's this time of year when Travel Photographer of The Year (TPOTY) is calling for submission to its 2013 contest.

According to the TPOTY website, the photo contest is run by photographers for photographers, and offers wide exposure for the entrants' photographic work. The awards are judged by leading photography experts, and the judging takes place over three rounds and the judges do not know the identity or nationality of any entrants.

Once again, TPOTY is partnering with the UK's Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), and the winning images will be exhibited in its gallery on the corner of Kensington Gore and Exhibition Road.

The 2013 TPOTY awards are open for entry, and close on October 1st. Its categories are as follows:

Three Portfolio categories - Monochromal, Vanishing & Emerging Cultures and Wild Stories.
Two single image categories, - One Shot and First Shot
New Talent category
HD Video category, Travel Shorts
Young Travel Photographer of the Year award (with two different age groups)
The Cutty Sark Award for the overall winner and Travel Photographer of the Year 2013
10 special single image awards, each with a different theme - 10 For 10

As always, I counsel a careful reading (and wide-eyed acceptance) of the contest's applicable rules.