Thursday, 14 March 2013

João Almeida | Myanmar

Photo © João Almeida -All Rights Reserved
João Almeida appeared on my radar screen when he and Ruben Vicente held their Myanmar photo exhibition in Lisbon in July last year.

And since Myanmar is hot these days for being a prime destination for travelers, I thought I'd feature João Almeida's work which includes people photography and landscapes made in Myanmar, as well as Vietnam, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Thailand, England, Latvia and a dozen more.

João also authored a lovely ebook titled Minglaba! of no less than 89 photographs made in Myanmar, which is available for purchase for $9.00.

His work is broader than pure travel photography, and is considered as street, documentary, landscape and nature, depending on what the location offers. João is represented by the Alamy and age fotostock agencies, and he's also one of the founding members of the Light Travelers photo collective, a joint effort to explore travel photography in it's various forms and shapes.