Tuesday, 15 January 2013

MediaStorm | Luv Shtick

"I do love her...but she's annoying."
"I don't take prisoners...I'm from the Middle East.
"Start spreading the Jews...er news"

I really loved this multimedia portrait of Dani Lev (aka Dani Luv), who's a musician, singer and comedian at Sammy’s Romanian Restaurant in New York. Dani likes to sing Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong classics as well as Israeli songs, and entertains the restaurant's patrons with his in-your-face shtick.

A wonderful narrative salted with typical New York Jewish humor and occasional trite cliches, Dani is also afflicted with ADD,  and has an on-off relationship with his girlfriend. So it's a funny and sad insight into the life of one in eight million NewYorkers. An authentic character...the type of person that makes New York what it is.

If this wonderful short multimedia piece doesn't make you want to drop your dinner plans and go to Sammy's, I don't know what will.

It was produced by Lukas Augustin, Jillian Kitchener, and JT Thomas who participated in a MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop.

As I said, extremely well done. I watched it a few times already. You will too. Guaranteed.

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