Thursday, 20 December 2012

Devansh Jhaveri | TTP's Travel Photographer of 2012

Photo © Devansh Jhaveri- All Rights Reserved
Well, you have spoken. And you have spoken well.

Devansh Jhaveri has won the coveted title of The Travel Photographer blog's Travel Photographer of 2012.

In truth though, Devansh has many more photographic styles to be very proud of. He also specializes in weddings, fashion, documentary, dance, portraiture and iphonegraphy. He also is the only photographer with a QR Code (Quick Response Code) on his website.

I mentioned in my original post that he had a portfolio review with me the Delhi Photo Festival in November 2011, and I recall telling him that he was gifted, and that his photographs were amongst the best I've seen in this genre.