Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Lady From Hanoi

"I miss the quiet streets of Hanoi..."

Here's a vignette of a story produced by which caught my eye, especially as I've just returned from Hanoi and loved its people, its overall buzz, its incredible food, and most certainly the slaloming scooters and motorcycles that whizzed past me as I crossed the streets.

The short movie clip is about Ms Nahm, who seems to be longing for the calmer days in Hanoi. I say 'seems' because there's no dialogue (only a musical soundtrack and some ambient sound) to explain who Ms Nahm is. All we get to know is what we see...and that she appears to be an artist (or sells artwork), lives with an elderly person (possibly her husband) and likes to dance.

It would've been wonderful to hear Ms Nahm's voice, and some of her narration...and get to know her a little better. She seems to be quite a character. If I was still in Hanoi, I'd look for her and hear her story.