Monday, 16 July 2012

Devansh Jhaveri: Ahmedabad

Photo © Devansh Jhaveri: All Rights Reserved
Devansh Jhaveri is a travel photographer, and describes himself -quite rightly- as being passionate in capturing ancient cultures and the human condition in unique, challenging situations. I wager you will agree with me that he is extremely talented

He reminded me that he had a portfolio review with me the Delhi Photo Festival last November, and I recall telling him that he was gifted, and his photographs were amongst the best I've seen in this genre.

You will see that his imagery is varied, ranging from travel photography (in India and elsewhere such as Egypt and Thailand), classical Indian dance, portraiture, fashion (exceptional!), fine arts, interiors and also videography.

Before I share with you my preferred gallery out of Devansh's travel work, I want to highlight his fashion work because it's well worth your time to have a look at them.

As for his very broad travel work, I particularly liked his Ahmedabad gallery perhaps because of those made in the Jami of the most impressive mosques in India. Two photos stand out...the one above, and the one following it on the gallery which depicts an elderly Muslim checking his bag while a couple is 'canoodling' in a corner.

You will also find a quartet of Devansh's self-published books on Blurb: Varanasi, Ladakh, Colleena Shakti and Lost & Found.

Finally, Devansh's biography page is the first I see of a photographer with a QR("Quick Response")  Code, which is a mobile phone readable barcode I wrote about here.