Wednesday, 22 June 2011

POV: Upgrade To The New Leica M9-P For Just $0.25

The blogosphere lit up following the unveiling in Paris yesterday of the new Leica M9-P, which was described by various sources as having a "new look", as simple and clean, with no red dot nor any lettering on its front. The top plate of the M9-P now carries a Leica log0 in cursive script. The internals of the M9 and the M9-P are identical, though.

How much for this baby, you ask? Just $8000 or $1000 more than the "old" M9. A "bagatelle' as the French audience must have said. In the UK, it will cost you £5395 (the equivalent of $8700 at today's exchange rate, but that presumably includes VAT).

How many were sold in less than 24 hours? 1500. So $8000 x 1500 is $12,000,000. Not bad, heh?

Well, if you own a Leica M9 already, and you 'need' the M9-P but your bank account is sadly anorexic? Simple. You do what I do. You cover up the red dot and the M9 lettering with electrical tape (put a piece of paper underneath it to protect the lettering), and use a piece of protective film for a scratch-resistant back LCD.

Enjoy your new M9-P!

Gabbie Jackson Sings....