Sunday, 13 March 2011

Is My Choice In The NYT's Magazine?

I had a jolt yesterday morning when leafing through The New York Times' Magazine. The double truck on pages 46-47 was Paolo Pellegrin's photograph of Egyptian migrants waiting to leave Libya at the Tunisian borders.

The jolt was because I had chosen it as the most powerful photograph in Pellegrin's photo essay that had appeared on the NYT's website on March 10...a few days before its publication in the hard copy of the magazine! As I wrote in my blog post of that day:
"I chose Pellegrin's above photograph to feature along this post because, in my view, it's the most powerful of the lot. Perhaps it's the sight of the Egyptian passport in the hand of the migrant that influenced me. After all, I had one just like that years ago."
It's most certainly coincidental that this particular photograph impressed the magazine photo editor(s) as much as it me, but it's still an awesome confluence of minds!

Paolo Pellegrin's Scenes From the Libyan Exodus.