Sunday, 2 January 2011

Next Week On The Travel Photographer

What's on tap for the week starting Monday, January 3? Take a look:

1. The work of a French photographer/photojournalist featuring  Tibet and Kilimanjaro.
2. A photomovie by a Scottish photographer...on the Coal Wallahs of India.
3. The work of an emerging photographer on the Durga Puja.
4. An interview with an award-winning photojournalist, along with his tips and techniques.

Plus potential "shooting from the hip" posts....who knows what the first week of 2011 may bring!

As a footnote: a reader wrote me the other day complaining that the Next Week On The Travel Photographer posts were a waste...saying that he would much prefer if I was to post daily, including Sundays!!!

Tough crowd my readers!