Sunday, 6 December 2009

Kroo Bay: Anna Kåri and Guilhem Alandry

Here's a humanitarian project produced by Anna Kåri and Guilhem Alandry, both photojournalists, titled Kroo Bay, and commissioned by and created for Save the Children It's an interactive panoramic multimedia, which adds a tactile feel to the project by its's as if one was there. It's remarkably well done, and uses panoramas, videos, audio and stills.

Kroo Bay is an informal housing settlement located on the coastline in central Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. It has an estimated population of about 6000 people. Residents of Kroo Bay lack adequate access to sanitation and health services, and their settlement is treated as a garbage dump by the rest of the capital city.

Guilhem is a French London-based photographer, videographer and multimedia producer. His use of 360-degree documentary technique won him awards and has been used both in print, interactive projects, exhibitions and TV.

Anna Kåri is a photojournalist based in West Africa and London. Her work centres around issues of human rights and animal rights, migration, refugees and identity. She travels and works extensively in the Balkans, West and Eastern Africa. Anna's work has been published by the TIME, Sunday Times Magazine, Le Monde 2, the Guardian, Politiken and many others.

My thanks to photographer Jonathan Adams for the heads -up.

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