Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Britt Sloan: The Rose of Ajmer

Photo © Britt Sloan-All Rights Reserved

First, a bit of background. One of my very favorite blogs is The Idea of India authored by photojournalist Asim Rafiqui, who along with The Aftermath Project founder and photographer Sara Terry, taught a two week workshop in Ajmer, India to students from Tuft University’s Institute for Global Leadership.

The 2-weeks workshop involved nine students exploring stories that spoke to issues of cultural and religious pluralism, and social and civil conflict aftermath beyond the cliches about India.

While all of the students' photo essays published so far on Asim's blog are intelligent and visually appealing, Britt Sloan's photography and prose caught my eye the longest. The Rose of Ajmer she calls it, and I urge you to spend some time, not only looking at her imagery, but to read her essay. She writes beyond her years...if that's the correct expression to use.

Britt Sloan is a photographer from Radnor, Pennsylvania, USA. She is currently a junior at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. She is majoring in International Relations with a focus on transitional justice, conflict resolution, and crisis management.

Britt also authors her own blog Lal Gulab.