Wednesday, 2 September 2009

LENS blog: Dominic Nahr's Uneasy Congo

The New York Times' LENS blog brings us the work of photojournalist Dominic Nahr in a series of photographs titled Uneasy Congo. Though he is only 26 years old, Dominic’s photographs of Congo’s brutal conflict are being exhibited in Perpignan at Visa pour l’Image, one of the most important international photojournalism festival.

The article explains the reasons as to why Dominic's photographs were chosen for the venue, but what is the most poignant of his statments is this one as he recalls viewing the results of a massacre:

"At first, you feel like a scavenger because you’re hanging over these bodies, but you have to document it. This had to be remembered. Laws were broken. There had to be evidence and this had to be remembered."

While this is another example of "bearing witness" to the atrocities committed in Africa, there are others who bemoan the fact that not enough photography and coverage are dedicated to show Africa's success stories...perhaps these are also right.

For more photographs, Dominic Nahr's website is here.