Saturday, 2 August 2008

Vewd: A Documentary Photography Mag

According to its website, Vewd is a "documentary photography magazine aiming to continue the tradition of storytelling through a visual medium. We bring these important essays from up and coming, but largely unknown, photographers."

Vewd was started by Matt Blalock, seeking to provide a venue for new photographers to share their documentary essays.

Two of the latest essays caught my eye, and although I encourage you to explore the rest as well, there two are very good. Platform 22 is an essay by Nathan Golden documenting the street children who roam Howrath rail station near Kolkata, and the other is Why Go Home by Morgan Haggar, a photo essay on the ethnic Karen in Burma who are fighting to preserve what is left of their land, and in many cases their lives.

Vewd is interested in publishing documentary photo essays by emerging documentary photographers, and is seeking (largely) unpublished, in-depth story-telling, documentary photography.

Its terms and conditions are on its website, so you can read them before you submit your work. Payment for the submissions is based on the number of views (or hits) a gallery gets, so click away!