Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Shiho Fukada: Kashgar

Photograph Shiho Fukada/The New York Times-All Rights Reserved

One of my favorite photographers, Shiho Fukada is featured in today's The New York Times in a slideshow featuring photographs of Kashgar, the town 2,500 miles west of Beijing, which is where local officials described as the worst terrorist attack in China's recent history occurred.

Kashgar is west of the Taklamakan Desert (isn't Taklamakan a wonderful mouthful of a name?), and is where both the northern and southern routes from China around the Taklamakan Desert's also not far from the legendary historic Silk Route.

The above photograph by Ms Fukada is probably my favorite of the feature. I had to sharpen it as the young boy in the front was very soft in the original...don't miss the child peeking from the staircase!