Sunday, 6 April 2008

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Beta

I'm a Luddite when it comes to imaging software, and in justification I have to say that I don't spend much time fiddling with my images. While I certainly use Adobe's Photoshop to prep my images before displaying, printing or selling them, I seldom use its more advanced tools. I decided to leave these to people better qualified than I am.

However, I decided to give Adobe Lightroom 2.0 (Beta) a try, and downloaded its trial. Having no patience to read manuals or tutorials, I just took a plunge and I must say that it's one heck of a program! As I haven't used its predecessor, I can't make any comparisons (my friend Gavin Gough did on his blog) nor can I add anything that hasn't been written or said since it was released. I currently use iView for digital asset management, but Lightroom is sorely tempting me to switch.

To my utter delight, I am creating Flash-based slideshows with Lightroom with incredible ease...and just can't stop!